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        Talent Strategy

        Companies employing in a "people-oriented, energy-oriented" purposes, to provide continuous learning opportunities for staff, a broad space for development and competitive remuneration package (lucrative). In order to meet the growing needs of the company, in which the company welcomes the community to join the elite. If you are interested, please send your resume (please attach a personal photograph) by e-mail or fax to my company, and stated the applied position and expected salary. Company in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law to pay five insurance for employees (pension, medical, work injury, unemployment, maternity) one gold (housing fund).

        Recruitment process:
        Resume screening -> first test -> retest -> examination -> Notifications hire
        After receiving an invitation to interview, please bring ID card, diploma, degree certificate and the relevant certificate interview.

        Working time: five days a week working system
        Benefits: five insurance payments
        Transportation: The company is located in Haishu District, Jiangdong District, Beilun District, Zhenhai District, and other lines free shuttle up and down
        Gifts: Holiday welfare, quarterly labor supplies, summer high subsidies
        Holidays: According to national holidays vacation
        Meals: the company cafeteria offers free meals and overtime meal
        Leisure and cultural life: the company annual tourism organization each year, the group has 16 cultural clubs and regular activities.

        Have genuine talent always welcome people to join, with your effort and our overall cooperation, join hands to build a better, more brilliant Sida Fu companies.

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